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    10355 Hammocks Blvd
    Miami, FL33196
    (305) 386-8288

    Great deal on Groupon.. $9 for 2 people entry and skate rental. Went with my boyfriend and it was a fun date! A lot of families were there on a Wednesday night, probably because it's winter break. The only downside I feel was teenagers there that obviously knew how to skate would show off and weave around really close to people and stop abruptly to launch ice at people. They made me very uneasy since I am a beginner skater. Without this small annoyance I'm a big Fan of this arena

    This skating rink is not to bad. I mean I always have fun when I come because I love ice skating. But it is lacking in some key areas The main thing I don't like about it are the rental skates. I mean you don't expect much from rental skates. But these are just terrible. It seems as though they haven't changed them in 20 years. They smell horrible. Are I'll fitting, and the blades are very dull. Does not make for a great skating experience especially if you are inexperienced. The party rooms are pretty cool for a kids party and they have an arcade area for kids to play some games as well. They also sell some basic food and drinks, which are pretty standard for a skating rink I guess. But anyways can't complain to much, they have a pretty good deal on Groupon usually where you can skate for a pretty long time really cheap so. That's a plus. If you love to ice skate, you don't have many options in Miami so I would come here if you happen to be I. This area. And if you don't know anything about it I absolutely recommend you try at least once for a real ally cool experience.

    It's a love/hate relationship I have with this place. I grew up ice skating on weekends as a child, but now as an adult I've noticed they haven't renovated anything. First of all, the skates. Is it me or have they had the same skates for 20 years? But as soon as you put them on, you don't even notice how uncomfortable you are because you have to get on the ice and try really hard not to fall. Depending on the day/time you go, hopefully it's not too packed so someone doesn't run you over. Because it can get VERY packed. I suggest Sunday afternoons, family day, around 3-4pm when everyone who came in around 12 are heading out and you got the ice to yourself, kind of. But most of all, this place is alwayssss a lot of fun! Love that adrenaline rush and seeing everyone happy/scared/excited all at the same time!

    I had such a horrible experience with the Manager Tommy he is such a rude person. Didn't try to help me even tho i was on 15 mins late till the session. He didnt care i was with my little ones and my 10 month old son. I wouldn't come here anymore bc the staff doesn't know what they are doing and the bathrooms were so gross. So sad that customer service and cleanness!

    One of the only ice arenas in Miami, but not the best with customer service. So it's $11 entrance fee per person (or you might be able to buy a groupon for cheaper). Bring your sweater because it is fr-fr-freeeezing and re-entry is not allowed. Once you enter, you go to where the lockers are and then pick up your skates. They do not offer half-sizes, or so they rudely told me. Then, once you discover that your skates are either too big or too small, they will give you a severe attitude when you go back to return it. I had to go back at least 3 times because they kept giving me broken skates. Aside from that, once you are at the point where you no longer need to interact with staff it should be smoothe sailing. On the ice, there are a couple of show offs (sometimes staff included) that like to brag about how fast they can go, weaving in and out of people/almost tripping people, to then abruptly stop to spray ice on people. It is family oriented, but it would be much more fun if there weren't so many teeny-boppers.

    This place opens early and closes late, the hours listed on yelp are not right. It is a wonderful place for kids and adults to learn how to skate in a clean and safe environment. The staff is superb and there are many different options so you can try it out before committing to a slew of classes. My kids love it, especially when hot outside. The summer camp is great for those kids that want to skate a few hours everyday and learn how to skate.

    This is the only ice skating rink in Miami that I know of. I paid about $12 for admission, it's COLDDDDD so make sure you wear the correct clothes. There was always a staff member in the rink to help you up when you fall. People were nice, kids had a great time!

    Staff is friendly and they have very good ice skating trainers here. But the place looks very old and not very clean. The restrooms are not a place you want to get in. My kids love to come here for lessons, for fun and for their summer camp.

    Only ice arena in Kendall which is horrible because the skates hurt like hell. They're super old and more than half of them don't even strap on right. God knows if they even clean them. Everything in there either doesn't work or it's too old to work right. It's pretty cheap to skate but the skate themselves makes it unbearable to skate so after 20 minutes, you just want to take them off and get a foot massage.

    I've been coming to this ice arena for over 6 years now and can honestly say it's one of my favorite places here in Miami. Sure there is a learning curve to ice skating, but once you get it down it can turn into a really fun time. Don't forget to come prepared with appropriate clothes because it can get quite cold in there. While the facility is not the most modern in the world (old tables, lockers, paint decorations, rental skates, etc.) it gets the job done. The food is not the tastiest in the world, but for the price and location, it's definitely not the worst. Their hot chocolate is especially good for warming up. The arena itself is quite large, especially when compared to competing Super Wheels, and has edges all around to hold on to. My biggest gripe with the arena is that there exist several groups of preteens and older people who skate really well, and will abuse this by skating incredibly fast inside the arena, and will often times buzz right by people and disorient them or even scare them. I've personally seem them even run into people, or skate in an unpredictable manner which just creates chaos and scares those who are following the rules and simply trying to have a good time. The ice monitors never do anything about them and in fact seem to be really close friends with some of these groups since they're regulars at the arena. They are especially bad now during the summer since they'll spend entire days there causing trouble. I feel as though this is something that should definitely be addressed by management because I hate having to constantly have my guard up and look around when moving on the ice to avoid getting hurt by these reckless skaters. If you have your own pair of skates you can save a couple of bucks at admission having to only pay $8, but otherwise it's not too bad at $11 for those looking to rent their own skates. Overall it's a good place to go and have some fun, but you definitely do have to be quite careful while on the ice to avoid getting hurt by these reckless skaters.

    My wife and I decided to go ice skating for a date night to the Kendall Ice Arena. I hadn't been here in years and neither had she, so we figured we'd give it a go. Not much has changed over the years to be honest. On Sundays it's 11 dollars per person, which includes the skate rentals. The rink itself is pretty cool ( pun intended) and we had a good time. I'm giving it three stars because there happened to be a group of people who were causing trouble by skating the opposite way and knocking into people and none of the monitors seemed to be doing anything. This was kind of a big deal for me because this group was really making the ice unsafe and it sucked that no one from the arena was doing anything about it. Other than that, they've got a pretty cool arcade inside and a decent concession stand with soda and pizza.

    The staff is nice. The place is fun. The rules and regulations need to improve drastically. There is no ice guards enforcement. Young children and parents are skating together with a bunch of savages who have no respect for safety of novices. This is a very dangerous situation. People get hurt here. Be very careful with your surroundings because you are on your own with no staff support.

    The place is not very modern nor clean, bathrooms are horrible but overall serves it's function meaning of you want to skate you skate which is what is important. I did not try anything at the smack bar because they were put of popcorn and frankly seemed empty and not very appetizing. It really is figure out everything yourself kind of place since I was a bit confused with the lockers because some didn't work. I had someone assist me after trying to figure it out myself for quite a while and the guy assisted me with a sarcastic tone as to implying my stupidity. Haha. Whatever, I just laughed about it. The ice rink is nice, big and has edges to grab on to which was very needed. There were A LOT of preteens and teens, not so many families and yes they are young and quite wild skating very fast beside you so you must becareful. I didn't really see anybody who would put order in the rink. But if you don't mind any of that then you are good to go. It is cold but nothing crazy, a jacket will do. Parking was simple.

    Overall good experience since this is the only ice skating arena in Miami-Dade County. However, the party rooms are extremely small and very dirty! The food is mediocre as with most party places in Miami. And let's not get started on the states! The skates appear to have been around since 1980! Some serious updating, especially fresh paint to the place and the equipment!

    Always a great spot to come ice skate with the kids. Very affordable and children love it!

    Went for a birthday party and had a lot of fun! The rentals are only $5 for the skates! Make sure to wear warm clothes because it is pretty cold!!

    The rink was great however the customer service could be better. The girl at the snack bar was very rude and impatient. You could tell by her attitude that she didn't want to be there and for a kid friendly place, one should always have a smile on their face.

    My visit here was the first visit to an ice skating ring. To say I was petrified is an understatement. As expected, it was extremely cold. I recommend wearing a very fluffy and warm jacket, long pants that are not too tight, gloves and a cotton hat. This may seem a bit extreme to some people, but I am from the Caribbean ...so I am not accustom to the cold in the least. My friend who I was with (she lives in the USA), told me Kendall wasn't as good and up to par as the one in her hometown, but to me it was ok. I probably lasted 5 minutes (if so long) inside the ring....I was too scared of falling so I just watched the others. I may visit again on one of my trips to Miami...if I muster the courage, lol.

    Great place to come and cool off and have some fun with the family, friends or significant other. They offer classes, group discounts, fundraising opportunities, summer camps, and private ice rentals. You can even have a one of a kind birthday party there with a special visit from Olaf. If you are interested in learning how to master a few skills or become a competitive ice skater, contact Lisa at 954-770-1414. She has 22 years of coaching experience under her belt and competed at World Championships, representing Great Britain.

    Place is run down and dirty. The people who come here are rude. Attire includes flatbilled hats, necklaces with dollar signs, and shirts that say YOLO. Mainly preteens who come from wealthy families, yet choose to be snarky little shits who only care about being hoodlums. Floor, tables, and chairs are riddled with chewed gum and glitter. Skates look like they were new, back in '89 I mean. Skates are also wet and are quite painful when put on. Very musky smell inside, kind of like an old warehouse. I don't recommend.

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    Only ice arena in Kendall which is horrible because the skates hurt like hell.  My wife and I decided to go ice skating for a date night to the Kendall Ice Arena.

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