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  • Just finished another amazing and super secret project for @lorealmakeup Can’t wait for you guys to see ❤️
    Ipanema through my lenses #35mm
    You do become fully happy when you stop judging yourself so hard, and loving everything about who you really are! Cut yourself come slack girl, time to be more loving towards yourself. And thank you to @empowher_ny for this beautiful quote.
    With these two, I feel like a 5 year old again 😍 December 29. 2017
    The amazon forest, The lungs of the world. No material things should ever matter and you realize it when you swim in the dark waters of Rio negro! I love Mother Nature.
    There’s only one of you in this 🌏 so embrace your uniqueness. 📷Dec 27. 2017
    I’m so happy that I realized the harm I was doing to myself comparing my body with other girls/models and thinking I was never beautiful enough.. when you realize that you don’t need to look like anyone else, you become free. Free from comparing, free from hating other women, free from competing with girls who you could be best friends with. Today I really love myself, I think I’m fierce as f. And I’m love to tell girls how beautiful I think they are and that doesn’t make me less beautiful. This is to all my girls out there 🌹 @todasjuntastv
    . Now that we showed you how it’s done I want to see everyone downloading this song and doing this dance. Thank you ! Haha Anitta- vai malandra @imthaynasantos@katherinejadee
    It’s been a month since I put up a picture 😵 kind of forgot what Instagram is! Thank you James from @womenmanagementny for these lovely polaroids !
    Amazon - Canoeing around the Rio negro 🛶 The black water gives such a misterious wild vibe, Mother Nature is so amazing.
    I have a little warrior of a niece, she made me cry watching her dancing so beautifully. #proudaunty
    This is it. I thought I was gonna get a second dog so bark could have a brother, but no! Bark is having a horse as a brother. Done!
    The same kind of pleasure some people get from being very well dressed, others get from being free of clothes. This photo was at the nude village in Spain. #pleasedontreport 🤷🏻‍♀️
    This place might not seem as beautiful to you as the last photo, but I actually find more beauty on things that are odd, imperfect. #lisbon
    I know you guys only wanna see selfies 🙈 and usually I don’t get much reaction from landscape photos, but today I’m posting some photos from my film camera roll that just got back from lomography (and is something I’m very passionate about) This was Lanzarote while shooting for @faithfullthebrand

    Luma Grothe

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    thelumagrothe Luma Grothe. 😂.. bae called me a dickhead after that. Not sure why.  This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram All.

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    Luma Grothe. @thelumagrothe Brazilian model living in New York || Brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris and Paco Rabanne Fragrances.

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    21-летняя модель Лума Гроте за пять лет выучила три языка, вжилась в роль богини моды и стала лицом аромата Olympéa от Paco Rabanne.