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  • This isn’t a hit piece out on Gal Gadot personally. Or even what she brought to Wonder Woman. Because it was a unique approach with heart. But going into the movie, my expectations for her portrayal of Diana Prince in regards to combat skill, fiery spirit and tone, were more in the vein of Xena. 

    Whom to me perfectly embodies an amazonian warrior princess. Despite the fact she isn’t Amazon. Not saying she’s the standard. However she makes for a good outline. Greatly characterizing the intensity of a fighter whose passion seeps through her pores and out into the fighting form and war cry. Gal’s Wonder Woman seemed to be about her strength and demigoddess nature. And i get that. Its apart of the origin story. In case people aren’t quite familiar with it. Still i anticipated more. And most likely a little to early. Hopefully we can see more.

    Okoye on the other hand gave me everything i wanted to see in a Wonder Woman character. The direct, raw, visceral and calculated approach of an experienced warrior. Mixed with an incredible offensive and defensive fighting style. One that is almost unmatched when she’s on the battlefield. Okoye has truly carved out her place in the history of great female characters on cinema. Cant wait to see what she does on Infinity War.

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    4 000+ ПОДТЯГИВАНИЙ В 64 ГОДА! Рекордсмен, о котором вы не слышали.

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