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  • Erin Everly is an American former model. She is well known for her work with Wilhelmina Model. Moreover, she is well known as an ex-wife of Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose.

    Erin Everly Net Worth

    Erin Everly has earned her decent amount of money from her career as a model. Moreover, she has worked with renowned modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. As a model, Erin Everly did brand endorsements for many popular brands like Bebe, Guess, andJordache.

    Additionally, Erin Everly also added her net worth from her divorce settlement with her ex-husband Axl. Some source claimed that her estimated net worth is estimated to be around $1.6 Million.

    Erin Everly Personal Life

    Erin Everly is currently unmarried. But in the past, she was married to Axl Rose. The former couple first met each other in 1986. After dating around four years she and her long-term boyfriend, Axl got married on April 28, 1990, in Las Vegas.

    With her ex-husband:

    After few month of their wedding, Axl filed for divorce, but later he changed his mind. At the same year, Erin became pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage on October 30, 1990.

    The situation deeply affected Axl, who had wanted to have a child of his own. Axl threatened to kill himself, and they got into a fight during which Erin wrestled the gun out of his hands. After ten months of their marriage, they separated in January 1991. Their marriage ended abruptly amidst charges of physical abuse.

    With her ex-husband:

    Erin Everly then dated Matthew Nelson in 1991, Donovan Leitch (1992), Anthony Keidis (1992), and David Arquette  (1993).

    Erin Everly then married to John C. Portman III in 1997. He is an engineer, by profession. But they ended their relationship in 2006. She has three children; Easan, Eres, and Esper.

    With her child:

    Erin Everly Controversy

    Erin Everly filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Axl in 1994. She claimed domestic violence against her former husband, Axl.  After the lawsuit, Erin went public with stories of Axl causing emotional and physical abuse on her throughout their relationship.

    Moreover, she has reportedly relied on family and friends for financial support. During an interview, Erin said she even sold her wedding rings for cash. Later, Rose settled the suit by paying her an undisclosed sum.

    Erin Everly Early Life & Education

    Erin Invicta Everly was born on 8th, November 1965 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is the daughter of musician Don Everly and actress and model Venetia Stevenson. Erin Everly has two siblings; Edan Everly and Stacy Everly.

    Soap opera actress Anna Lee was her grandmother, and her grandfather was Robert Stevenson (director). During her school days, she had dyslexia. Growing up in Los Angels, she attended Buckley School, and later she attended the local public school.

    Erin Everly Career

    Erin Everly had a keen interested in modeling from her early age. To pursue her career in modeling, she moved to NYC in 1982. She then signed with Wilhelmina Models Agency in 1992 in New York. Erin featured in many print ads and commercials in the 80s for the likes of Jordache, Bebe, Guess, and many more.

    During her modeling days:Fandaily.info

    Erin Everly also featured the Axl and his band's Guns n' Roses video, Sweet Child O’ Mine in 1998. The song was written for her and reached number #1.

    Source: Youtube

    Erin Everly Current Work

    Erin Everly currently resides in Atlanta with her children. She is also active on her Instagram account.

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    Erin Everly Comercial Jordache

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