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  • (Felix's POV)
    The morning was sunny. The air light and crisp, birds tweet a calm melody. My eyes open, hazy, laying in my bed with my comforter covering me. My arm is extended, but empty.
    "Marzia?" I say, wrenching my neck to face her side of the bed. She isn't there. Oh no, she left me. I thought. I panic, feeling as if I will break down and crumble. I sob, and run out of the room.
    Suddenly, I smell pancakes. I take another waft. Fresh, cooking pancakes. Puzzled, I step out from the hall.
    "Good morning, sweets." A sweet voice says. Her voice is calming, and I feel relief.
    She stands in front of the stove, wearing her t-shirt and pajama pants. Her hair put up in a messy bun.
    I quickly run up to her and squeeze her from behind. She puts her hands on my arm.
    "What's wrong?" She says, worried.
    "I thought you left me..." I say into her shoulder.
    "Of course I wouldn't. I love you, Felix." She smiles, and flips the pancakes.
    "I love you too." I let go and go back to the bedroom to get changed. Today, I put on khaki shorts, and put a navy polo shirt on.
    I come back, and hot steamy pancake with syrup and strawberry are sitting the table, with a side of orange juice.
    "Wow, this looks good." I say, sitting down.
    "Thank you." She smiles, digging into her hot cakes.
    I bite into a piece, and a sweet and salty flavor fills my mouth.
    Man, these are good!
    After breakfast, Marzia got dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. She looks solemnly at the mirror.
    "Marzia? What's the matter?" I ask.
    "I'm... I'm so boring." Her eyes look gloomy.
    "No you're not. You are unique and gorgeous."
    She smiles a little.
    "I just a have a boring taste of fashion..."
    "How about we go shopping." I say, smiling.
    "Really?? Oh my goodness, thank you!" She says, grabbing the collar of my shirt and pulling me too her. She kisses me, and squeezes me.
    "Let's go! Let's go!" She hops out of the bathroom. I smile. Holding her hand, we walk to my car to head to the mall.
    (Marzia's POV)
    Felix is driving me to the mall on the highway. It takes about ten minutes, but we get there.
    We started out at a dress shop.
    We checked the aisles, Felix holding my hand the whole time. Two girls shoot up to Felix's side.
    "Yeah, sure." Felix says, grabbing the notebooks.
    As Felix writes in the first one, one girl glances at my appearance.
    "Wait - Are you the Maria girl from Pewdie's newest video?" The girl asks.
    "Um, yes. My name is Marzia, by the way." I reply. I remember Felix cut out the part of us kissing in the video, but saved the scene to remember it.
    "You are very pretty, Marzia." The other girl says.
    In shock, I respond.
    "Thank you, so much."
    "Well, can we get your autograph, too?" They say. I smile, and grab their notebooks. Write under Felix's unique autograph, I write "Marzia Xoxo". The girls smile, and run off.
    I look at Felix.
    "Are you ready to go shopping?" I ask. He smiles at me, and lightly places his hands on my hips. I grip my hands on the back of his neck. I brush my lips against his.
    "Yes, of course."
    "Ooh, look at this." I show him an outfit that I would never really wear. It's a peach colored sweater, just below your hips, a cute laced, pearl-white skirt, thigh-length thin stockings, and tan combat boots with a wooden heel.
    "Let's get it." He says.
    I grin, and pack it into the cart.
    I got so much clothing after that. I even got some booties and sweaters for Maya and Edgar (because winter will soon be here), a new coat with a scarf and mittens, shoes, and makeup. I got Felix some clothes and winter outfits (I mean, what girlfriend - at least I think I'm his girlfriend - doesn't get her boyfriend something?).
    We didn't get back until much later.
    Now, we are going to bed.
    I brush my teeth in my new dinosaur one-piece PJs. I spit out the toothpaste, and brush out my long, long hair. I put it in a side braid.
    I finally get out of the bathroom, which leads to the bedroom.
    Felix, Edgar, and Maya lay in the bed (all in their one-piece PJs), snuggled under the comforter. I jump into the bed, startling Felix. I laugh.
    "Come join us." He says. I get under the comforter. Maya joins my side, tucked under my arm.
    We turn off the lamps. Felix squeezes me, Edgar and Maya close to each other. I kiss Felix, and he holds on to me.
    "Goodnight. I love you." He says, under my lips. I put my forehead against his.
    "I love you too." He closes his eyes.
    After a while of staring at the ceiling, I peep out:
    "Yeah?" He mumbles.
    "Am I your... Cutiepie?" I made that up in my head.
    "Of course. And I'm your Pewdiepie." He replies.
    I grin.
    "Goodnight." I cuddle closer to him, to feel his warmth, and fall to sleep.



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    (Marzia's POV) Felix is driving me to the mall on the highway.  I kiss Felix, and he holds on to me. "Goodnight. I love you.".

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    Marzia and Felix were in love, making Yotube videos and were happy. But then Marzia finds out she pregnant, and their life as a family is filled with joy.